Leaf Guard

Keeping your eavestrough clear of debris is very important. A clogged eavestrough can cause serious damage including leaking roof, rotting fascia, ice buildup, and foundation damage.

A leaf guard prevents leafs and other debris from clogging up the eavestrough and keeping the water flowing freely.

Also know as a gutter guard or an eavestrough guard, we will professionally install a leaf guard system so you do not have to clean your eavestrough any more.


Len & Nancy F.

"Thank you for a job well done, we were very impressed with the workmanship and quality of work by you and your crew on our new roof, soffit and fascia."

Sudhir D'Souza

Exceptional and thorough service delivered promptly and on time. Steve from Teichroeb made and kept an appointment within 24hrs and delivered on well described and detailed, quote quickly and efficiently.

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